Indian Ocean Live In Concert DVD


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It’s a first in the history of contemporary Indian music. Indian Ocean has set a number of trends in the past. And here it is with another one.

Hot off the presses. A 110 minute rocking ride through some of the band’s best-loved numbers.

The DVD is a two hour presentation of a concert performed by the band at the Garden of Five Senses in Delhi. The DVD has eleven songs including some of the most popular and loved compositions of the band. The list includes one of the first compositions of the band, the instrumental Melancholic Ecstasy, as well as songs from every Indian Ocean album, including Boll Weevil (Desert Rain), Kandisa, Hille Le, Kaun (Kandisa(, Jhini and Bhor (Jhini) and Bandeh (Black Friday) The DVD also includes a previously unreleased song (Bula Raha).

Indian Ocean have always thought of themselves as a band that is best performing live. The synergy between the band members is best seen on stage, and the excitement generated by the response of the audience pushes the band to greater heights. We had dreamed of a live DVD for years, and are really pleased and excited that this dream has finally borne fruit.