Indian Ocean By Vineet Sharma


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This book traces the journey of the band Indian Ocean from its very beginning to its present status. It looks at all the people who became a part of the band. It goes through the journey of four people coming together and forming a band. Then the release of the albums and the live shows in India and abroad are documented. Some shows became milestones and are looked at in detail in the chapter ‘On the Go’. All their albums are looked at analysed in the chapter ‘Music’. The band made their mark in Bollywood with the song ‘Bandeh’ from the movie Black Friday. DVD contains 110 minutes of live performance by the band.

About the Author :

The author is a self-confessed musician who believes that his voice-box is his instrument of choice. He also loves to play the harmonium and cajones but more as accompaniment than otherwise. Through school, college and his professional life he has nurtured his passion for music. He spends his free time listening to, reading about music or engaging in discussions and avid jamming sessions with musicians.His interest in the band began when he listened to their then nascent music. He nostalgically recollects many evenings with friends and their beverages of choice listening to the music of the band. With time he also got to know the band on a personal basis, which placed him in an enviable position of being able to witness the making of their music.The writing of this book was something of an adventure, of being with the band and yet letting it have a prismatic effect when the views of four different people and such strong personalities were sometimes tangential. At different times he was friend, confidante, critic, chronicler Outside of this avatar as writer he is also an entrepreneur and heads two companies. In the two very different industries that these companies are a part of, he has used his vision, diligence and perseverance to bring the companies he heads to the forefront of the sectors they belong to.