16/330 Khajoor Road


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16/330 khajoor road is Our latest album. It was released free on our website (one song a month starting July 2010). The album’s name is the address of the lovely old bungalow where We spent fourteen fulfiled and happy years (1997-2011) The album is also a tribute to our bandmate and friend Asheem Chakravarty, who passed away in december 2009. All of the last recordings that Asheem was part of composing and recording are present here. This is a Double Album, CD 1 contains the original 7 songs that were released on the Website previously. We have also Included a BONUS CD CD-2 which has some previously unreleased songs, works – in – progress and versions of songs that nobody would have heard. The tracks in the bonus CD give you an idea of Asheem and The band at Practice