Amit Kilam

Amit’s drumming is a happy balance between the conventional and unconventional. His playing always adds to the composition rather than overpowering it. He incorporates longer Indian rhythm cycles into his drumming, moving in cycles of 6 ,8, 12 etc rather than the standard 4/4 or ¾. An instinctive musician with a great ability to make tunes, Amit plays almost any instrument he picks up. On stage he plays the gabgubi, the recorder and the clarinet, but we know him as a keyboard, guitar and bass player as well. His vocals have an exciting texture that is being heard more often on our compositions of late.

Amit loves photography and wildlife and photographing wildlife! His latest passion is golf and he’s started cooking as well. Amit regrets not being able to watch every bad Bollywood film. Loves imitating people and accents and gets high on orange juice.