Recorded at Western Outdoors, one of India’s premier studios, in Mumbai, this is our first “proper” studio recording. We were given two weeks for recording and 5 days for the mix, and actually had a producer!! Recording Engineers: K J Singh, Avinash Oak and Daman Sood; Assistant Engineers: Mr Chitre , Tito Dasgupta and Mr Subhash; Producer: K J Singh; Executive Producer: Pramod Shanker (Times Music). Mastered by K J Singh at Satya Studio, Mumbai. Lyrics: Sanjeev Sharma for Khajuraho, Kaun and Kya Maloom. Kandisa and Ma Rewa are traditional. Hille le is based on Gorakh Pande’s words. Kashmiri lyrics in Kaun by Indira Kilam.Kandisa was made possible thanks to Gurpreet, Orijit and the Sidhus and the wonderful ambience of 16/330 Khajoor Road.

  1. Kya Maloom
  2. Ma Rewa
  3. Leaving Home
  4. Hille Le
  5. Khajuraho
  6. Kaun
  7. Kandisa