16/330 Khajoor Road

Our new album is named after the fantastic space we have been rehearsing at since May 1997. 16/330 Khajoor Road is the address of this picturesque 100-year old bungalow in Delhi’s crowded Karol Bagh area. We were offered this house by our friends, Gurpreet Sidhu and Orijit Sen, who were living there at that time, and were quite cool with having a band share their living space!

KB, as we call it informally, became a home away from home, where our albums Kandisa, Jhini, Black Friday and, of course, 16/330 Khajoor Road were conceived and polished. Hundreds of our friends have visited us here, had chai and spirits and Rim Zim with us, played cricket with us, sung with us, partied and contributed to the spirit of this amazing house. The least we can do is dedicate an album to an almost spiritual entity that has nurtured us for so long.

The decision to name our new album was taken almost three years ago, and the decision to give away the songs for free evolved over the last year and a half. Asheem was an essential part of these decisions, and it’s tragic that he cannot be here to share in it’s fruition.

The songs on this album are classic Indian Ocean. You will recognize our sound in each number. However, almost all the songs were originally made for some film project or the other! In India, our experience has been that only about one in eight or so film projects actually get completed. But that’s great for us, since we get to keep and play all these songs and put them into an album without negotiating with ten thousand lawyers!

16/330 Khajoor Road – The first Indian album to be given away completely free as mp3 downloads from our website. Seven songs, one given away free every month starting 25th July 2010. Thus, you can download “Chand” from 25th July till 24th August, and starting 25th August, download the next song for a month and so on. The last song on the album will be available 25th January till 25th February 2011. After that, we WILL release the whole album as a physical CD, indeed, a double CD with the second containing versions of songs and some practice session recordings, since a lot of us still treasure the physical possession of a CD.

  1. Chand
  2. Shoonya
  3. Bondhu
  4. Sone Ki Nagri
  5. Bula Raha
  6. Darte Ho
  7. Jogiya