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  • artist_amit
    Amit Kilam
    Drums, gabgubi, recorder, clarinet, vocals

    Amit’s drumming is a happy balance between the conventional and unconventional. His playing always adds to the composition rather than overpowering it. He incorporates longer Indian rhythm cycles into his drumming, moving in cycles of 6 ,8, 12 etc rather than the standard 4/4 or ¾. An instinctive musician with a great ability to make […]

  • nikhilfinal
    Nikhil Rao

    Our newest member is obsessed by the guitar. His influences range from his early metalhead days through blues and jazz and across to Hindustani and Carnatic classical music. His guitar playing has a totally different and fresh sound, and he’s completely aware of which note he is playing at any given moment. Nikhil has already […]

  • artist_tuheen
    Tuheen Chakravorty
    Indian Percussion

    Tuheen’s fantastic sense of percussion manifested itself when he was just a toddler. Tabla, the instrument he was trained in, remains his first love, but he’s very much at home on the cajón, dholak, kanjira… you name it! Unlike the rest of us, Tuheen has performed with an enormous range of musicians over the last […]

  • artist_himanshu
    Himanshu Joshi

    Himanshu’s voice has an emotional appeal all its own, and has been trained in Hindustani Classical as well as Kumaoni and Garhwali folk music. His keen sense of composition has influenced several of our songs. Himanshu also plays several percussion instruments, adding to our stage performances.   A filmmaker by profession, Himanshu is an unbelievable […]

  • artist_rahul
    Rahul Ram
    Bass, Guitar, Vocals

    Rahul’s bass playing has a unique sound, an Indianness very difficult to define. His voice has a raw edge that invokes folk as well as rock. His riveting stage presence is an essential part of the band’s electrifying live performances, and he ends up doing most of the talking on stage. He has recently picked […]